All plant courses are conducted on client’s machines, You must have access to the item of plant you are wishing to undertake a course on and a suitable area for the course to be conducted on.

These courses are ran on demand.

Plant Units

  • RIIHAN308F Load and unload plant
  • RIIHAN309F Conduct telescopic materials handler operations
  •  RIIHAN311F Conduct operations with an integrated tool carrier
  • RIIMPO315E Conduct Tractor operations
  • RIIMPO316E Conduct self-propelled compactor operations
  • RIIMPO317F Conduct roller operations
  • RIIMPO318F Conduct skid steer loader operations
  • RIIMPO319E Conduct backhoe/loader operations
  • RIIMPO320F Conduct civil construction excavator operations
  • RIIMPO321F Conduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations
  • RIIMPO322E Conduct civil construction tracked front end loader operations
  • RIIMPO323E Conduct civil construction dozer operations
  • RIIMPO324F Conduct civil construction grader operations
  • RIIMPO325E Conduct scraper operations
  • RIIMPO326E Conduct civil construction water cart operations
  • RIIMPO337E Conduct articulated haul truck operations
  • RIIMPO338E Conduct rigid haul truck operations
  • RIIVEH304E Conduct tip truck operations
  • RIISAM204E Operate small plant and equipment