FWPCOT2256 – Trim and cut felled trees

Course Summary

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to trim and cut felled trees with a chainsaw and complete operator maintenance.

The unit applies to individuals who trim and cut felled trees as part of arboriculture, forestry, agriculture, conservation and land management, local government, emergency services and other government agency operations. With the exception of minor forest produce, this unit does not apply to commercial harvesting operations.

Elements Covered
  • Prepare for trimming and cutting felled trees
  • Assess felled trees visually
  • Plan cutting felled trees
  • Use chainsaw to trim and cut felled trees
  • Complete equipment maintenance


All training will be conducted by a qualified staff member.

The Training will follow a set format and cover all Elements and performance criteria set out in this unit. Learning resources will be provided to clients on confirmation of booking into this course.


A knowledge-based theory/classroom session ending with an examination will need to be completed prior to any practical training or assessment session being offered. Due to the dangerous nature of this unit of competency, candidates will only move to the practical training/assessment once they have successfully completed the theory session.

A practical session will be conducted at a site suitable for the number of people participating in the course.

Additional Information

Minimum numbers may apply for this course.

Trim and cut felled trees unit descriptor

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